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And Nigeria Need Not Ban Ghana Products in Nigeria
An open paper By Oliver O. Mbamara, Esq.,
  Only last month, I wrote a paper about an alleged ban of Nigerian movies in Ghana. (see That Alleged Ban Of Nigerian movies In Ghana)

In that paper titled "THAT ALLEGED BAN OF NIGERIAN MOVIES IN GHANA," I humbly called on Ghana's Authorities not to Ban Nigerian movies, if it had done so as alleged in some quarters. I also warned that such ban might trigger unpleasant backlash.

Now according to "NIGERIA ONLINE TODAY," of June 17, 2005, Ghana is now putting together a paper to contest Nigeria's ban on certain Ghana products. Details of that report is posted below.

At this time, we have not confirmed the details, but a mere allegation of this sort should be addressed if even to dissuade such a decision. As I had warned a few weeks ago against the allegation of Ghana banning Nigerian movies in Ghana, I am humbly calling on Nigerian Authorities to reconsider such ban on Ghana products in Nigeria if it has made such decision as reported. Both Ghana and Nigeria are among the most influential countries in Africa and particularly in West Africa.

The fall out of such conflict could escalate to undesirable heights. Do we need to be reminded that we ought to work and grow together rather than isolate and antagonize the other in a world where even bigger nations are now uniting and cooperating to create a formidable force for their regions?
- Oliver Mbamara, Esq.,

THE REPORT: (Courtesy - NIGERIA ONLINE TODAY, June 17, 2005)
Ghana to contest Nigeria's ban on products

Ghana is putting together a position paper on Nigeria's decision to ban certain items and products from entering its market. Ghana is to table the paper on the fringes of the forthcoming review meeting of the Head of States on the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) in Abuja, to discuss Ghana and Rwanda's Programme of Action on the draft of their country papers on the APRM.

Nigeria has placed a ban in contravention of ECOWAS and World Trade Organization rules and regulations. Nigeria early this year placed a ban on the importation of certain products into the country as part of measures to stop the importation of cheap items and ultimately to diversify the Nigerian economy. Dr Kofi Konadu Apraku, Ghana's Minister of Regional Cooperation and NEPAD, told the Ghana News Agency that the Ministry was working in consultation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to fashion out a strategy to address the situation.

He said Ghana was studying the matter closely in the light of firm cooperation between the two countries. Under the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Treaty, member countries are free to export and import items into each other's country devoid of quotas or any forms of restriction.

©Oliver Mbamara June, 2005

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Oliver O. Mbamara is a filmmaker, director, and actor with such films to his credit as "THIS AMERICA,” “SLAVE WARRIOR," "SPADE: THE LAST ASSIGNMENT," which he wrote and directed. He is also a judge with the New York State office of Administrative hearings. For more about Oliver O. Mbamara please visit www.OliverMbamara.com

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