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Top 5 Nigerian Movie Stars That Have Made Their Mark Globally

Movie Pirating and the Fight against Streaming

Netflix and Nigerian Movies - What Chance Of Success?

Sustaining the Integrity of Nollywood and the African Entertainment Industry – Lessons for Moving Forward. - Editorial By Oliver O. Mbamara (DGN) (AGN)

Issues in Nollywood – Suggestions for Unity and Moving the Industry Forward
(Being Part 2 of “Sustaining the Integrity of Nollywood and African Entertainment Industry..”) 
- Editorial By Oliver O. Mbamara (DGN) (AGN

Nollywood in Danger: The need for a fresh direction

Compensation of the Afriican Artists

Suggestions For The Sustenance of the African Artistic Heritage

Mobbing Of Nigerian Movie Stars In The United States

That ban of nigerian Movies in Ghana

...and nigera Need not ban Ghanaian Products, either

More To Come...

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Movie Pirating and the Fight against Streaming: people in the film industry face the problem of pirating and free movie streaming. It is completely unfair, as actors, producers and companies involved in the film making process don’t receive any compensation from copies that are illegally distributed and streamed online. >>>