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ABOUT US ( and the Fight Against Movie Piracy )

This is an online outlet owned by Filmmakers fighting against Movie Piracy so that African filmmakers will find the compensation to continue the making of African films while at the same time promoting the sharing of African Entertainment Content, culture, and creativity.

This website is different from other Nollywood or African movie websites because it is owned by filmmakers who are  fighting against movie pirates who STEAL from African filmmakers.  We know what it costs to make a movie, we care about the interests of the fans and all those who watch our movies. You can help our fight by buying only buying an African movie DVD or only watching an African movie online, if it is original, authorized, and compensating the Filmmakers, Producers, Actors, and Crew. African filmmakers need the encouragement (not discouragement) of viewers to make more films and share African stories with the world.

As the demand for African films continue to grow worldwide, many pirates (bootleggers as they are called) are setting up both physical and online stores to sell African movies without getting the authorization of the filmmakers or making returns available to the filmmakers and producers who invested their sweat and resources in making these films. These pirates STEAL these movies in the following manner: They get a copy of an African movie, pirate it by duplicating it without authorization, and then sell such pirated copies at give away prices to make quick money from a product they do not own. They also get a copy and upload them on websites claiming to have the right to stream the movies when they either did not get theauthorization of such films or they simply do not return any remuneration to the filmmakers. They put up the films for free and draw traffic to their sites and get paid for clicks or ads attracted by the trafic on their sites. These days they have resorted to even television broadcasting of these films without permission or authorization.

Although some pirated copies are now almost as good as the originals, many pirated copies have poor quality, poor sound and picture. The movie pirates deprive you from enjoying the film in its original quality. By doing so, they also create the impression that African movies have poor quality. These pirates don't care about the quality you watch and they don't care whether the filmmakers die of hunger or lose their investments and livelihood. They just care about the free money they make from other peoples sweat. You can help stop this by refusing to buy pirated copies and resort to only original copies or refusing to watch any movies being streamed for free without authorization of the filmmakers.

The goal is to make original African movies available to you directly devoid of piracy, exploitation, or distribution of fake African movies
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PIRATES STEAL from Filmmakers. Support the Artists. Buy Originals
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Please help us in the fight against piracy and copyright violation. Buy original copies, shun pirated copies, stay away from websites or TV Channels that stream or broadcast unauthorized content, and please report or alert us or any such owner of copyright anytime you notice a violation.

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