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 Nollywood In Danger: The need for a fresh direction - By Oliver O. Mbamara
 "No single country should have the monopoly, but an industry without innovation is doomed to failure. It is just a question of time."  Read Complete >>>
Movie about late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Afrobeat creator and Nigerian activist: British artist-turned-director Steve McQueen has signed up to direct a biopic of Fela Kuti, the larger-than-life musician 
Black Author wins The Matrix Copyright Infringement Case:  This little known story has met a just conclusion, as Sophia Stewart, African American author of The Matrix will finally receive her just due from the copyright infringement of her original work!!! More>>> 
SLAVE WARRIOR: The Beginning 
True-life Slave story from the African perspective
 Written & Directed By Oliver  Mbamara (DGN)
Starring Fabian Adibe, David Ihese, 
Ted H. Jacobsen, Charles Ogu Mbamara, Eric Chifunda. 
Highly Recommended

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The adventures of Ozobio and his Immigrant experience continues in this humorous drama
Written by Oliver Mbamara. Co-directed by Bethels Agomuoh, Oliver Mbamara & Felix Nnorom. 
Also starring Bethels Agomuoh, Angelinah Ada, Rena Anakwe, Placidus Aguwa, Ebbe Bassey, and Adedayo Oogan.
2nd Series of the SPADE MOVIES exposing the exploitation and trafficking of African artifacts and human trafficking.
Written & directed by Oliver Mbamara (DGN). 
Starring: Prince Ekeh, Shawn Walker, 
Comfort Bruno, Charles Oguwuike M, & Shannon Riley.
THIS AMERICA: Groundbreaking Nollywood Diaspora movie - chronicles the immigrant experience of an Afgrican in New York in a funny but serious way that many immigrants can identify with 
Written by Oliver O. Mbamara and 
Directed by Bethels Agomuoh with Tech Dir - Felix Nnorm

Exposing the exploitation and trafficking of African artifacts and human trafficking.
Written and Directed by Oliver Mbamara
Starring Sanctus Okereke, Prince Ekeh, 
Mike Ogundu, Comnfort Bruno, & Uchenna Nnanna.

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Sustaining the Integrity of Nollywood and the African Entertainment Industry – Lessons for Moving Forward. By Oliver O. Mbamara: There is an amount of responsibility that comes with a decision to produce content, or organize a program that rides on the name of an industry as popular as Nollywood ...
Issues in Nollywood – Suggestions for Unity and Moving the Industry Forward - (Being Part 2 of “Sustaining the Integrity of Nollywood and African Entertainment...”) By Oliver Mbamara: Every growing industry has its challenges and there are bound to be disagreements and differences in opinion and the manner of going about things. It is okay to speak up or write about it when issues come up which affect the rudiments of the industry. Yet, we must draw some lines and observe some limits in our expressions so that we do not end up taking away from the unity and focus needed to nudge the industry forward. MORE>>>
CULTURES COMEDY TV SERIES - Episodes 1, 2, & 3
African culture meets American culture in an African immigrant household in America
Created, Written,& Directed by Oliver Mbamara (DGN). Starring Chika Okpala MON, MFR, 
(a.k.a: Chief Zebrudaya, alias 4:30).
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Top 5 Nigerian Movie Stars That Have Made Their Mark Globally:  Nollywood is 100% Nigerian, but that doesn’t mean that the films country are recognised only within the state borders of Nigeria. It is a well known fact that Nigerian cinema is popular throughout the continent and beyond. Here we present you 5 most popular Nigerian actors and actresses, both ones that starred in Nollywood movies, but also few that have appeared in foreign films. MORE>>>
Movie Pirating and the Fight against Streaming: people in the film industry face the problem of pirating and free movie streaming. It is completely unfair, as actors, producers and companies involved in the film making process don’t receive any compensation from copies that are illegally distributed and streamed online. MORE>>>
Netflix and Nigerian Movies - What Chance Of Success?: Ten years ago we were still buying or renting DVDs and CDs and the battle against piracy was mainly consisted of confiscating and destroying pirated copies. Nowadays, people watch films more often via services such as Netflix and the battle against piracy is also taking place online. MORE>>>

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